10 Minute HIIT Workout

Need a Quick HIIT?


I put together a quick 10 minute HIIT workout for my boot campers. You can do this as a quick workout, or go through it a couple of times for a longer workout. Lately I’ve been using quick HIIT workouts as my warm up before a lifting session. There’s no wrong way to go about it!

Not sure what HIIT is? Read more HERE

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My 12 Healthy Habits and Personal Rules

Healthy Habits and Personal Rules


Hey guys! Man oh man, I have been so busy since moving. I have a ton of good and positive things going on between my family and personal business. Here’s what is taking my time currently:

  • Running my online boot camp
  • Participating in an online business mentorship
  • Summer is out, gotta entertain the kids!
  • Being present and regular on social media (mainly Facebook, Instagram and my blog)
  • Remodeling the kitchen
  • Keeping the house tidy, we have tons of visitors this summer!

I’m sure most working moms have these tasks to keep up on, minus the kitchen remodel, on a regular basis, but its new territory for me. This move to a new city has me trying extra hard to keep the kids entertained so they aren’t sitting in front of an xbox all day. I have to take time to research what there is to do around here.

In the business mentorship group that I’m in, the leader suggested we set some rules and boundaries for ourselves to help manage our time and be effective in all areas. I really liked this idea! Turns out it was harder to come up with 12 rules than I thought, but after a little time focusing on it I think I came up with some pretty good ones. Here they are:


  1. NO social media within 1 hour of waking up. I am so guilty of rolling over in the morning and staring at my phone before getting out of bed. I really like the idea of getting up on purpose and enjoying a quiet cup of coffee and thinking about what I need to accomplish for the day. It really makes my day start of a calm, positive level.
  2. Work per content calendar, and add to it everyday. This is something I’m developing for my business. In order to be present and consistent on my social media platforms I have made a monthly calendar with what I’m going to post. It really takes the rush out of trying to find something to share that day.
  3. Walk Indy to check the mail everyday. We got a new pup upon moving (add that to the growing list of things that keep me busy!) and he needs to be exercised regularly. I’m guilty of driving to the center of the neighborhood to check the mail. Turns out the kids love walking him too! So I can check off the “keep the kids entertained” box as well!
  4. Comment on 5 Instagram or Facebook posts daily. This is also business focused. To build a presence online I really need to engage with others in my niche and build report. Plus, it drives the creative juices for my content calendar!
  5. Download 2 podcasts a week to listen to. This has been really great for me. I have subscribed to 2 podcasts that really don’t have anything to do with each other, but are great for refocusing my mind. I wrote another blog post about it HERE. Check it out if you want to know more!
  6. Be in bed by 10pm. As a night owl this is hard for me. But, dang! It feels good to get a healthy amount of sleep. When I wake up refreshed and spend some quiet time with my coffee and thoughts it really sets me up for a great day.
  7. No social media within 1 hour of bed. My husband and I are guilty of laying next to each other and staring at our phones at night. How sad is that?! I think most couples these days are guilty of it. With this rule (which I make him follow too) we can focus on us and our family before bed, not who said what on Facebook. It honestly makes falling asleep easier too.
  8. Meal prep Sunday. Now that I live in civilization I can grocery shop whenever I want. I find Sundays to be our least busy day so I have time to spend in the kitchen and prep some food for the week. It’s super helpful to have things ready to go when we are in the midst of a busy weekday.
  9. Follow a workout schedule. I am really good at making up workouts off the top of my head. I usually walk into a gym with no plan, other than what body part I want to work on. This is good for maintaining my physique, but not for improving it. I want to write and follow a specific plan to build lean muscles and reduce body fat.
  10. Text my friends once a week. This is so important since I moved all the way from Alaska to Colorado. Being so busy in my new life makes it easy to forget I still have friends who are worth and minute of my time for a “hey, what’s up” text at the very least. I really don’t want life to get in the way and lose contact with people who are important to me.
  11. Ready daily devotional. This is one I can get done during my quiet mornings. It helps keep me focused and grateful for the day to come. Currently I’m ready The Duck Commander Devotional. Sounds cheesy but I’m really digging it.
  12. Read 1 book a month. This is something I want to do to further my knowledge of fitness and nutrition. The podcasts I subscribe to give great ideas on what to read. I do like to change it up so I don’t get burnt out as well. I’m currently reading My Fight / Your Fight.


So there you have it. The rules I put in place for myself. Do any resonate with you? I’m doing a pretty good job with most of them, but I’m not perfect. At least I have them to keep me in check and try for a better day tomorrow.


Train Hard,

What is a Podcast?

Do you listen to Free Podcasts?

Up until this week I had never listened to a podcast in my life. My only reference to them was when Peyton from One Tree Hill started one about her birth mom in early 2000’s. Ha!

So, when my mentor in the fitness business suggested I check out a few I was like “whaaa?” There’s actually something of substance to Podcasts? Turns out, there totally is!

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New Beginnings with Relocation

New Beginnings

A transcontinental move is a great time for new beginnings!


I’ve been a long time resident of interior Alaska. Just over a decade! In that time I’ve grown and done a lot. I met my husband there, got married, had two beautiful children, and traveled all over the state. I’ve experienced some lows during my decade in a little remote Alaskan town. Postpartum depression and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) from the long, dark, bitter cold winters are the two biggest. I’ve also missed my family. Being a Floridian and moving to Alaska wasn’t easy!

Alaska to Colorado road map

In the last couple of years my husband has taken great strides to make a move in his career. Finally in March of this year all his hard work paid off. We made the long haul with all our worldly possessions through Canada and down the Rockies to our new home in Colorado.

Wild Buffalo in British Columbia

Wild Buffalo in Canada

SO many new opportunities here! My husband has upward mobility in his new job. The kids have access to any and every sport they could want to participate in. And I have the opportunity to take my fitness business anywhere! Some other things I’m grateful for that most people take for granted are:

  • Paved roads and sidewalks for my kids to ride bikes
  • Ordering something online and having it shipped to my house without paying $60 or more in shipping costs
  • Faster internet
  • Adequate healthcare!
  • Walgreens nearby to get medicine late at night
  • Plane tickets that don’t cost $900 per person no matter where you are going
  • Being able to drive wherever the heck I want in the US!
Beautiful Colorado!

Beautiful Colorado!

If you’ve never lived in a remote part of the country you really can’t understand how hard it is without these things. I’m so thankful to be living in civilization again. I’m ready to seek out and seize opportunities here. I was kind of a big fish in a small pond, but here I’m just another trainer. With that in mind I’ve made some new business goals.

I found a mentor in the fitness industry and she is helping guide me on my journey to transitioning to online training. With her help and encouragement I am starting my very first online boot camp! I’ve been learning a lot and I’m super excited to see where my business can go. I am still going to teach group fitness, because I love the interaction! So happy and grateful for this new beginning!


Train Hard,

Need Some Exercise Motivation?

Showing up is Half the Battle!

first place challenge 2016

My gym recently had a patrons challenge. Each patron can run on a treadmill, ride a stationary bike, use the elliptical, or use Jacobs Ladder for one hour each day during the 6 week challenge. Each piece of equipment is its own category. The person that has the most miles (or feet climbed for Jacobs Ladder) at the end of the challenge wins. Really consistency is key here and that’s what the gym wants to promote. I did the bike last year and came in 2nd place (missing out by less than a mile!) but I had fun so I wanted to do it again this year.


I jumped on the challenge as soon as it started this year. Last year I got in a couple of weeks after it began. I put in miles daily and knew from the previous year what I was capable of. After a couple of weeks of feeling good and building my stamina to put in as many miles as I could in 60 minutes, I noticed that no one else had started biking yet. Well, another week goes by and still no one had joined the bike competition. I felt my motivation take a nose dive. I went from biking for an hour to just 30 minutes. After another week I went back to my normal workouts and just tacked on 20 minutes of riding a couple of days a week. WOW. I was killing it this time last year and now…

With just a couple of weeks left in the challenge I decided to get right. The thought of a lack luster performance and easy first place had me down in the dumps. If I’m going to do this I need to do it right. I put in some decent effort and by the end of the challenge I didn’t feel like it was a complete waste. I never imagined I would feel so low about a first place win. I kept reminding myself that a win is a win and at least I came around and put in some work. Literally, showing up was half the battle for me. I actually encouraged another friend to join and she jumped on the Jacobs Ladder. Guess what? She came in first too. She actually got so motivated she started in on the elliptical and got second place! Yep, showing up was half the battle!

2016 patrons challenge results

It’s amazing how not having any competition really let me off the hook. It made me think back to my article about starting to run. You can check it out here. In it I encourage newbies for find a race and sign up. Just do it. It literally forces you to train and commit.

Have you ever found yourself in this type of situation? Starting off ready to kill it, then really not even caring? What made you lose motivation? Were you able to find it again?


Train Hard,