New Beginnings

New Beginnings

A transcontinental move is a great time for new beginnings!


I’ve been a long time resident of interior Alaska. Just over a decade! In that time I’ve grown and done a lot. I met my husband there, got married, had two beautiful children, and traveled all over the state. I’ve experienced some lows during my decade in a little remote Alaskan town. Postpartum depression and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) from the long, dark, bitter cold winters are the two biggest. I’ve also missed my family. Being a Floridian and moving to Alaska wasn’t easy!

Alaska to Colorado road map

In the last couple of years my husband has taken great strides to make a move in his career. Finally in March of this year all his hard work paid off. We made the long haul with all our worldly possessions through Canada and down the Rockies to our new home in Colorado.

Wild Buffalo in British Columbia

                Wild Buffalo in Canada

SO many new opportunities here! My husband has upward mobility in his new job. The kids have access to any and every sport they could want to participate in. And I have the opportunity to take my fitness business anywhere! Some other things I’m grateful for that most people take for granted are:

  • Paved roads and sidewalks for my kids to ride bikes
  • Ordering something online and having it shipped to my house without paying $60 or more in shipping costs
  • Faster internet
  • Adequate healthcare!
  • Walgreens nearby to get medicine late at night
  • Plane tickets that don’t cost $900 per person no matter where you are going
  • Being able to drive wherever the heck I want in the US!
Beautiful Colorado!

              Beautiful Colorado!

If you’ve never lived in a remote part of the country you really can’t understand how hard it is without these things. I’m so thankful to be living in civilization again. I’m ready to seek out and seize opportunities here. I was kind of a big fish in a small pond, but here I’m just another trainer. With that in mind I’ve made some new business goals.

I found a mentor in the fitness industry and she is helping guide me on my journey to transitioning to online training. With her help and encouragement I am starting my very first online boot camp! I’ve been learning a lot and I’m super excited to see where my business can go. I am still going to teach group fitness, because I love the interaction! So happy and grateful for this new beginning!


Train Hard,

Showing up is Half the Battle

In it to Win it!

first place challenge 2016

My gym recently had a patrons challenge. Each patron can run on a treadmill, ride a stationary bike, use the elliptical, or use Jacobs Ladder for one hour each day during the 6 week challenge. Each piece of equipment is its own category. The person that has the most miles (or feet climbed for Jacobs Ladder) at the end of the challenge wins. Really consistency is key here and that’s what the gym wants to promote. I did the bike last year and came in 2nd place (missing out by less than a mile!) but I had fun so I wanted to do it again this year.


I jumped on the challenge as soon as it started this year. Last year I got in a couple of weeks after it began. I put in miles daily and knew from the previous year what I was capable of. After a couple of weeks of feeling good and building my stamina to put in as many miles as I could in 60 minutes, I noticed that no one else had started biking yet. Well, another week goes by and still no one had joined the bike competition. I felt my motivation take a nose dive. I went from biking for an hour to just 30 minutes. After another week I went back to my normal workouts and just tacked on 20 minutes of riding a couple of days a week. WOW. I was killing it this time last year and now…

With just a couple of weeks left in the challenge I decided to get right. The thought of a lack luster performance and easy first place had me down in the dumps. If I’m going to do this I need to do it right. I put in some decent effort and by the end of the challenge I didn’t feel like it was a complete waste. I never imagined I would feel so low about a first place win. I kept reminding myself that a win is a win and at least I came around and put in some work. Literally, showing up was half the battle for me. I actually encouraged another friend to join and she jumped on the Jacobs Ladder. Guess what? She came in first too. She actually got so motivated she started in on the elliptical and got second place! Yep, showing up was half the battle!

2016 patrons challenge results

It’s amazing how not having any competition really let me off the hook. It made me think back to my article about starting to run. You can check it out here. In it I encourage newbies for find a race and sign up. Just do it. It literally forces you to train and commit.

Have you ever found yourself in this type of situation? Starting off ready to kill it, then really not even caring? What made you lose motivation? Were you able to find it again?


Train Hard,

Post Workout Protein Shake

Post Workout Protein Shake

Here’s my go to post workout shake! So tasty, quick to make and hits the spot after a tough workout. Give it a try and let me know how it turned out!

post workout protein shakeIngredientsingredients protein shake

Chocolate Protein Powder of Choice

1 Heaping Tbsp Almond Butter

1 Frozen Banana

1/2 Cup Almond Milk

*So, I must admit I do not care for the protein powder I’m using. It tastes great, but I’m on the hunt for a protein powder that is more natural and contains less chemicals. I’ll let you know when I find one!

**Here’s a tip! I always slice my bananas and throw them in a ziplock bag. They blend much easier when they’re sliced before you freeze them.


Step 1. Put frozen bananas into blender

Step 2. Add 1 scoop of protein powder

Step 3. Adding a heaping tbsp. of almond butter. If you don’t love nut butters we can’t be friends 🙂

Step 4. Add half a cup of almond milk

Step 5. Blend

Step 6. Enjoy! You deserve it!

Train Hard,

Beginner Guide to Running


How to Start Running

how to start running

The first step you want to take as a beginning runner is setting a goal. Whether it’s to run a mile or your first 5K, pick a distance and make it your target. I honestly think the best thing you could do is sign up for a local 5K. It’ll force you to work towards your goal and give you a timeline and distance to shoot for. Grab a friend or commit the whole family and do it! There’s almost always a race going on to benefit local organizations. Let’s use a 5K as an example for the rest of this post.

The Plan

Step 1. The first thing you want to be able to do when starting to run is physically be able to walk the goal distance. This means you need to be able to walk 3.1 miles for a 5K. If you need to chart a course that’s 3.1 miles there’s a free app called Run Keeper. If you are unable to walk 3 miles, just get out there and try to walk for 30 minutes. If you can do that increase your next walk by 5 minutes and keep building from there. The goal is to make it 3.1 miles, doesn’t matter how long it takes to get you there. To find a race in your area try Running in the USA.

Step 2. Intervals. This is where you’ll see progress in no time! There are several ways to do intervals. If you are on the treadmill you can walk for 2 minutes, run for 1. Keep doing this for a mile. Next time do the same interval and go for a mile and a half. Keep building from there. Once you build strength and stamina you can change up your interval times. Aim for a 1:1 walk/run ratio. You can go further than that, run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute. Play with your intervals to keep it fun while moving forward!

Another interval you can try if you are able to run for about 3 minutes is using music. Try running for 1 song and then walking for 1. Keeps it fresh and fun!

The last interval is my favorite. For me running outside is sooooooo much easier than running on a treadmill. Honestly, living in Alaska makes for a very short outdoor running season. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. Anywho, to do intervals outside you can pick landmarks instead of using a timer. Let’s say you are going to run from your driveway to the street light, then walk for until the end of the street. Next you pick a mailbox to run to and then walk until the next driveway. I’ve used everything from cracks in the road to a particular tree as landmarks. Next time you head out for a run skip the first landmark and run until the next. In this example you skip the street light and run until you reach the end of the street. Sometimes I will take a different route just so I can pick new landmarks! Keep at it until you can run that magic 3.1 miles!

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Step 3. Cross training. I know you are going to be working hard and staying dedicated to smashing your running goals, but it’s so important to do cross training as a runner. Hitting the pavement for a run puts stress on your muscles and joints and it doesn’t take long to start experiencing overuse injuries: tight hamstrings or IT band, hip flexor or tendon pain, fatigue, etc. The best cross training a runner can do is strengthen their core and leg muscles. Also, stretching regularly and doing yoga can help a ton. Don’t let an injury stop you from achieving your goals, take care of your body from the start.

I recommend you work on your running a few days a week and cross train at least once. Don’t run every day. You’ll experience those overuse injuries real fast if you do. Soon you’ll find yourself wanting to achieve the next level. If you want to aim for a 10K, half marathon or full you can find lots of training plans online. Just stick with one that doesn’t increase distance too fast and includes cross training.


Train hard,

How to Set Fitness Goals in 5 Steps

How to Set Fitness Goals in 5 Steps

How To Set Fitness Goals in 5 Steps

It’s true when they say showing up is half the battle. But, once you start hitting the gym you need to have goals to guide you in your fitness journey. Everyone’s goals should be their own. You simply can’t compare the beginning of your journey to the middle of someone else’s. Here’s the S.M.A.R.T. guide I use to help my clients when it comes to setting goals.

SMART Fitness Goal Setting

Specific- Your goals should be specific and free from vague interpretation. Just stating you want to lose weight isn’t enough. Set a number 10, 15, 20 pounds. Remember there’s more to life than weight though. You should make one of your goals to set a personal record in the gym, a heavy lift, a yoga pose, or a timed run on the treadmill might be some ideas you could use.

Measurable- How are you going to track your progress? You can use the scale or my favorite, non-scale victories (pants are loose, not out of breath on the stairs, happier!). If one of your goals is to lose weight I suggest you get taped and measured. If you are tracking your body fat and lean mass you could see improvements there without the scale even moving.

Actionable- So how are you going to reach this goal? You need to take action. If your goal is to lose weight you need to exercise 5 hours a week. Get a planner and make a commitment to your schedule. Trying to hit a PR? you should set mini goals and have a plan for training. You can have the best intentions of getting healthy, but if you don’t take action it’ll never happen.

Realistic- Are your goals realistic? This means are you expecting to lose 100 pounds this month? It’s not realistic. You’ll set yourself up for heartache when it doesn’t happen and that could lead to giving up on all your other goals. Be realistic, a healthy weight loss is 1 pound a week. Same goes for your other goals. If you can barely get off the couch signing up for a crossfit competition next month might not be a realistic. These are definitely obtainable goals, but be realistic in your timeline.

Timeline- You can have a specific, realistic, actionable goal that’s got you fired up, but you have to put a timeline on it. Losing 10 pounds and dropping body fat while increasing lean body mass by weight lifting and running is an awesome goal. Don’t leave it open to happen sometime in the next year. Set a timeline, push for it to happen in 12 weeks. Having a deadline for a goal will help so much on those days when your motivation isn’t very high. And hitting that goal on your timeline makes that victory taste so sweet!


Off you go, write a goal for yourself using this guide right now! Write it down. Place reminders around to help your stay on track. Tell your friends and family so they’ll hold you accountable. You can do it, but you have to work for it! I hope this helps you get real about setting some goals, putting in the work, and coming out victorious! Leave a comment if you have any questions or send it in the “Contact Me” section.


Train hard,